audio, video, still, & web formatting.

Who we are:

From 2011-14 Eccentric Productions used the brand name “ZCMedia” for most video content creation projects.

Former ZC CEO Gabriel being a media "rockstar" Yup, that's an Eccentric Threads" logo on his sleeve.
Former ZC CEO Gabriel being a media “rockstar” Yup, that’s an Eccentric Threads” logo on his sleeve.

The label was part of a creative content agency formerly known as Zero Coordinate inc specializing in film production, web media and design. Because most of the core team have moved onto full-time positions, ZC has now become part of the EP brand. In the end, not much has changed for our clients.

Jen on a RED.
Jen on a RED.

Many of our most talented film makers are still around, we just cut down on the admin so Natalie can focus on making things happen, instead of updating two websites, two Facebook pages, and thinking of double the clever tweets to keep content fresh. 🙂

So what do MEDIA ROCKSTARS do? 

Using high-end equipment, we document live as well as scripted events for individuals, artists, organizations, promoters, and public speakers.

Kevin leaping into action on set.
Shot by Gabriel.
Shot by Gabriel.

Specializing in performance art, we offer a variety of options to best fit your needs whether it be capturing one notable appearance, helping you plan, shoot, and edit a music video, or helping to build your brand with a promotional reel, or commercial. Our goal is to give you the tools to take you from staggering to staggeringly creative as quickly, and effectively as possible. We work with people who are passionate and driven to share what they do with the world.

Emily & Daniel
Emily & Daniel


What about Private Events? 

No problem, we do those as well. We really are scalable for any project, big or small.

Not just “Guys with cameras”:

On set with Director Ayanna Makalani.

While the focus on this page is video work, our collective includes a diverse team ranging from experts in web programming, design, photography, event promotion, production management, project advising, consulting, shoot direction, styling, lighting design, sound recording,mixing, & mastering. We know that it’s often not just the shoot you need help with, sometimes planing and staging the content is an area you need help with as well. Luckily, Eccentric Productions can help you to navigate all of those things. Check out the HOME page for more links to areas of expertise.